The Team


Events Director and Founder

Katherine is the founder of Arabian Tents and her day is a whirlwind of meeting clients, writing emails (lots of them!), brainstorming décor ideas and snatching moments to feel very lucky she loves what she does.

When throwing a party it’s always colourful, inviting, warm and relaxing – she loves the Purple Palace interior as it apparently looks good against everyone and she makes sure there is always a ‘surprise’ for guests, whether it be a secret room to discover, an alternative performance or after-dinner liqueur treats. She believes that people parties are important and moments at them are remembered for the rest of people’s lives, so it’s important to break the ice as fast as possible and get on with having fun! The next project she’s working on is a new structure design that should be manufactured and ready to be unveiled to the world next year!

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Operations Director

An average day for Jonny summarises in, technical site visits, providing onsite training for new crew, developing new processes to improve our service and maintaining the invoice and stock system , along with keeping up team morale in the office with a barrage of bad jokes.

When he got married , he choose a compromise of a mix of the William Morris and the Arabian Nights theme to keep the lady happy.

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Marquee Crew Team Leader

For Mario there are never two days the same. He can be erecting Arabian Tent in different locations, sizes and colours each day. He also has the chance to interact with the clients a lot, and share in their enthusiasm when seeing our beautiful tents getting ready.

If he was planning his wedding, he would like a really colourful reception party, all the styling of his wedding would have a psychedelic theme, therefore the Purple Palace marquee would be his ideal wedding reception.

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Chief Fluffer & Draper Extraodionare

An average day for Jeremy is generally designing and quoting for for Wedding Décor plans, visiting venues and clients, transforming venues, up ladders, down ladders and searching for new inspirations.

If he was planning a wedding, he would choose the Raj interior for the main area, with a side order of La Rouge for a comfy chill out space!

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Marketing Manager

A typical day for Sophie includes creating new and exciting posts on social media, researching up and coming event trends to impress on Pinterest, organising marketing opportunities and producing appealing and valuable blogs to entice journalists to print.

If she was throwing a party, the bright and crisp Cornish Creamwould be her first choice - a woodland fairytale Garden Party with lots of stunning floral arrangements and fairy lights!

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Marketing Assistant

A typical day for Sarah is writing enticing blogs and sending out press, helping to design brochures, and updating and helping with the design of the website; all with the aim of spreading the word of Arabian Tents online and in the press.

With so many tents to choose from, Sarah would choose the William Morris to wine and dine in, complete with twinkling fairy lights and lots of plants, and the Bombay Boudoir to dance the night away!

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